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San Pedro, Ambergris CayeSan Pedro is the town located on Ambergris Caye, although many people use the terms San Pedro and Ambergris interchangeably.  In addition, Ambergris Caye is actually two islands -- North Ambergris Caye and Ambergris Caye.

North Ambergris Caye tends to have higher-end resorts and upscale housing - most of it in the tourism rental market.  A water taxi makes regular runs between the North Ambergris Caye resorts and San Pedro Town for easy access to local restaurants and shops from North Ambergris.

San Pedro Town proper runs south from the cut that divides Ambergris from North Ambergris to Sunbreeze Hotel.  Lodging in San Pedro Town proper tends to be more budget lodging, with most (but not all) moderate and upscale lodging south of San Pedro Town.  San Pedro Town proper is where most of the local gift shops and art galleries are located, as well as some of the more well-known restaurants and night spots on Ambergris Caye, such as Elvi's Kitchen, Caliente's, Wild Mangos, Blue Water Grill, and Big Daddy's. 

Very few resorts and hotels on Ambergris near San Pedro have their own restaurants, tour operations or spas.  Instead, the hotels and resorts contract out these services are an as-needed basis to other local businesses.  And, with lots of very good restuarants, tour operators and spas serving Ambergris Caye, this means that visitors get a quality product, plus the benefits of tourism are spread more widely throughout the community -- always a good thing!

However, restaurants are found at most resorts on North Ambergris Caye because of the distance to San Pedro Town.  But, most resorts on North Ambergris also rely on local tour operators for tours.

Finally, with the exceptions of sport fishing and diving, tours don't need to be planned in advance, but can be booked after arrival, giving visitors the most flexibility in taking the weather and how they feel into account when planning their vacation activities.

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