Belize Jungle Lodges

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Cayo Belize Jungle Lodges

belize-mapCayo is usally the first jungle area most travelers visit in Belize.  As shown on the map to the left, it's easily accessible from Belize City and offers a wide variety of lodging, including several of Belize's best jungle lodges. 

Lodging in Cayo spans the spectrum from upscale/luxury to camping, with everything in between.  And, most jungle lodges in Cayo are located adjacent to a river, providing guests with opportunties for jungle river swimming, canoeing, kayaking or tubing.

However, while swimming in a clear, cool jungle river can be an intoxicating experience (especially when waterfalls are involved), man-made swimming pools are becoming more common in Cayo.

Most jungle lodges in Cayo are also off the grid and must manufacture their own electricity, so very few have a/c.  But, believe it or not, nights in the jungle get quite cool, especially in the Mountain Pine Ridge area of Belize where rooms have fireplaces.

The most popular jungle activities in Cayo include cave tubing, zip lining, Mayan ruins and jungle waterfalls, and all are accessible from all jungle lodges in Cayo, although the Mountain Pine Ridge area of Cayo offers more convenient access to the Caracol Mayan ruins and jungle waterfalls.

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